Antares Galewind

The Wandering Swordsmen


Strength: 3
Toughness: 3
Agility: 4
Intelligence: 3
Willpower: 3
Fellowship: 3

Race: High Elf
Rank: 1
Career: Swordmaster

Hair: Long Golden
Eyes: Azure
Skin toned: Pale
Wears a small charm on his wrist that is in the elven symbol for Brotherhood and he wears a matching one on his other wrist.


Antares use to be one a finely skilled Swordmaster of Hoeth. He defended the White Tower from Chaos and stood alongside proudly alongside his brother. his brother had been alongside him for the longest time. But when the Sundering hit, his brother had betrayed Antares and as he came to the tower he found his brother killing several mages. Antares was deeply upset at the betrayal of his brother. He engaged into a combat with his brother, the two crossing their weapons for three days straight neither letting the over gain the advantage. At the end of the third day Antares slewed his brother. As his brother fell, Antares ran over and listen to what his brother had to say. His brother cursed Antares as he passed on. Antares removed the brotherhood charm that both of the brothers wore to represent the bond they had. As the mages and other swordmasters approached Antares for comfort he shed it off stating that he did not kill his brother and that his brother was killed by the dark elves.

He then retired from the defense of the Tower of Hoeth and headed to the High Elf colonies to help them become established. As the relations with the Dwarfs grew for the worse. He once again took up his mighty great sword and defended the towns. As he engaged in a bloody battles he was able to square off with a mighty Slayer from Karak Vaun and the two ended in a draw. Antares commended the dwarfs abilities and the dwarf replied with some respect but still had hatred. Antares told that this was not his people ways and left the field as the battle ended in a complete draw, not waiting for the dwarf’s response.

After the second great attack on Ulthuan, Antares went with the Great Mage Teclis and help defend the Empire against Forces of Chaos. He met his Dwarfy friend at this, Antares was able to be one of the many elves able to set aside his differences to be allies with the dwarves. He now resides in the Empire still rejecting his brother’s death by his hand and passes his wisdom on to others.

Antares Galewind

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