Amethyst Order

The other Colleges are happy to leave the morbid Purple Wind to the College of Amethyst. The College does tend to keep its distance from the others and rarely seems to delve into worldly political machinations. When they do, the other Colleges are quick to give them what they wish, for they realize it must be important — even wizards are not immune to trepidation that Spiriters engender in others.

Though often associated with the brethren of the Cult of Morr, Amethyst Wizards are not so much concerned with seeing the departed safely on their eternal journey, but more with harnessing the very power of their deaths.

Often thought of as necromancers, Amethyst Wizards are practitioners of the Purple Wind, Shyish. While they do not pursue immortality or raise the dead like necromancer, they do specialize in death and decay. From their crooked towers and charnel houses overlooking the Cemetery of Old Altdorf, the spiriters of the Amethyst Order observe the mysteries between life and death that hid in shallow graves and crumbling sepulchres.

Similar to Amber wizards, Amethyst wizards are quite withdrawn from the happenings of the other colleges and the Imperial court. when a spiriter does make his presence known, all are quick to satisfy his wants, as they are most likely of the utmost importance.

Amethyst Order

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