When Chaos marauders sweep south, killing all in their path, many chant a chilling war cry: “Blood for the Blood God!” These marauders are devotees of Khorne, god of slaughter. The battlefield is his temple, where his followers massacre armies in his honor.

Resplendent in bronze armor, his dog head snarling, Khrone is said to sit on a brass throne atop a mountain of skulls reaped by his champions. His followers seek his favor with outrageous acts of violence, drenching themselves in the gore of their enemies. In the absence of a for, they will kill their allies. Because they eschew magic as a dishonorable art, there are no sorcerers among them. The clash of arms is their sole religious duty.

although veneration of Khorne is common among the wild tribes of the northern wastes, in the Empire it is usually only bands of outlaws who openly revere him, killing their victims ruthlessly. Rarely, an individual might run amok through a town’s streets, screaming the Blood God’s name and butchering everyone in his path before he is stopped. Organised cults dedicated to Khorne do not exist—he has nothing but contempt for secrets and politics.

however, there do exist illegal cults dedicated to Khaine, who some theories is an aspect of Khorne. Khaine is extolled with stealthy murder and sanguineous rituals, his acolytes gathering in cellars or caves to wallow in the blood of human sacrifices. A series of unsolved murders in Altdorf has been rumored to be the work of a hunters’ club of aristocratic followers of Khaine, who select prey from among the populace. Individuals might pay homage to their god with random killings, ever more grotesque, while assassins and cut-throats glorify him with each furtive deathblow. Authorities aware of the cult of Khaine fear that its adherents are waiting until the time is right for them to trow aside their secrecy and redden the streets with slaughter in the name of the Blood God, whom they truly serve.


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