Disease is dreaded by nobles and commoners alike. The efforts of physicians, barber surgeons, and leech-doctors to cure the afflicted are all in vain, for sickness is the gift of Nurgle, Lord of Decay.

Nurgle’s followers envision their god as a corpulent monstrosity, his pallid skin slick with fever sweat and oozing pus from a thousand sore. entrails spill from suppurated wounds gashing his belly. Nurglings, the Plaguelord’s daemonic imps, nestle between his rolls of fat, giggling like mad children. Nurgle’s smile is a horror of rotten fangs, his tongue a plump, purple worm. Maggots wriggle from his flesh, and a cloud of flies drones about his head.

the Plaguelord is worshiped wherever sickness reigns. The diseased sometimes turn to him in desperation, when their prayers to Shallya, goddess of healing, go unanswered and when even Morr ignores their pleas for a quick death. They offer secret sacrifices to Nurgle for alleviation from their suffering. As they sink deeper into adoring him, they become immune to their pain, though their disease multiply. They grow to cherish their decay, and seek to spread Nurgle’s plagues throughout the Empire. Nurgle is also sometimes prayed to by ignorant countryfolk whose lands are stricken by famine. In nature, life feeds off decay; fungus thrives on a rotting log and maggots writhe inside a corpse. Witch hunters have exterminated entire villages of peasants who fertilized their crops with the blood of human sacrifices to this vile god.

In towns, cultists of the Plaguelord might meet in stinking sewers, Nobles, burghers, and beggars gather as equals — plague does not discriminate between wealth and privilege. The cultists enact sordid rituals amongst the filth. They have been known to brew potions using ingredients squeezed from weeping buboes and to taint wells and watering holes in the hope of infecting the populace with the incurable Nurgle’s Rot. Such degenerates perceive beauty in physical corruption and hear sweet music in the moans of the sick.


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