The man who leers lustfully at a woman who is not his wife, the gourmand who fills his fat belly with delicacies, and the beauty who preens too long at the mirror, transfixed by her own allure, might think that their private indiscrtions remain guilty secrets. But Slaanesh, Dark Prince of Chaos and Lord of Pleasure, is watching them and waiting. The priest of Sigmar preach abstinence and frugality for good reason: those addicted to the pleasures of life may find their obsessions have devolved into perversity. it is then that the Dark Prince ensnares them, feeding them, excess in return for adoration.

Slaanesh is depicted as a towering hermaphrodite of aching beauty, male on the left side, female on the right. Soporific musk emanating from the god’s flowing, perfumed hair overwhelms the senses, and his laughter trills like a thousand crystal bells. When a mortal gazes into Slaanesh’s dazzling eyes, he becomes a slave to desire.

The Dark Prince has many acolytes in the Empire. He is sought by decadent aristocrats, who have tasted all things but demand more. Artists and musicians may bequeath their souls to him in return for the gift of genius. Politicians might worship him to gain charisma and majesty. The avaricious, the lustful, and the vain all adore him. Yet all are damned — their lives are not their own, but belong to Slaanesh to amuse himself as he chooses. Beneath the apparent charm and beauty of his devotees, mutations squirm and madness clouds their minds.

Cultist of Slaanesh glorify their master with secret orgies of drink, drugs, and other indulgences. While they cavort in the shadows, intoxicating their senses and writhing in ecstasy, they abandon their duties to their Emperor. As the minions of the Lord of Pleasure increase in number, the moral fabric of the Empire disintegrates.


Warhammer: Tides of Corruption Salfos