The very embodiment of Chaos, Tzeentch is the Changer of Ways. he is master of intrigue and manipulation, of destiny and deviation, of mutation and magic. The eye of Tzeentch sees all, and his convoluted stratagems take aeons to unfold.

Tzeentch has a thousand names and a thousand forms. He can appear as a scintillating cloud of rainbow light that bewilders and confuses, or can incarnate as a giant whose skin ripples with uncountable faces that laugh or cry or rage or mock, their mouths repeating the god’s words with subtle innuendos — a thousand barely heard whispers. the winds of magic howl around him, weaving incomprehensible patterns in the surrounding aethyr. His eyes are mirrors into infinity, melting the mind of any mortal who stares into them.

no one chooses to follow Tzeentch. He chooses them. A man might wake from a fevered dream to find a new limb sprouting from his chest or a third eye staring from his forehead. Sometimes it amuses the god to win devotion in more subtle ways. He will tap and tap at a man’s resolve, tempting him with power, fame, or wealth — whatever his victim’s secret desires are. Few mortals can resist his wiles, and they become a playing piece in his eternal game.

Tzeentch is also the Great Sorcerer. He has mastery over all magic. Even the High Elf mages and wizards of the Imperial colleges of Magic court danger whenever they cast a spell, for a single lapse of concentration could allow Tzeentch to use them as a conduit to pervert reality.

The cults of Tzeentch are subtle, cunning, and almost impossible to root out. They riddle the towns and cities of the Empire, hatching plots to hasten its downfall. The more convoluted a scheme is, the more favorable the cultists hope it will be to their unfathomable master. Cultists of Tzeentch delight in infiltrating positions of power and manipulating event for their own ends.

They weave an intricate web of lies to trick unwitting stooges into implementing their plans. In the countryside, covens of witches and warlocks gather on hills or in grottos to sacrifice human victims to Tzeentch, praying that he will grant them arcane knowledge. Tzeentch uses his acolytes to pick at the ragged edges of the Emperor’s realm, so that when Chaos invades southwards again, the Empire will unravel at the seams.


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