Welcome to the Tides of Corruption

In a time where men,elves, and dwarf must stand against a marauding horde of chaos heretics, rabid Skaven of the Underempire, and Orc warbands one must find courage and the strength within to stay alive. The Dark Gods are working everywhere taking ever person into their grasp tainting all of the lands of the empire. If something is not done soon all of the forces of Order will fall to destruction. But not all hope is lost…

There are the few who are resistant to the corruption and these few souls have been destined by fate to help save the Old World from its destruction. Welcome to the grim and perilous world of Warhammer where paranoia is at its best. Beware the heretic, the mutant, and the taint.

The races are up and soon more lore will be posted to the Wiki. Read up on lore so that the roleplay experince will be better for everyone. Your effort will not go unrewarded.

email dugan.jacob@gmail.com for questions

Here is a nice link to the wiki.

Warhammer: Tides of Corruption

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